Sky will be launching a dedicated kids app for mobile devices in early 2016. The app will mean children in Sky homes can access their favourite shows in a way that best suits them.

Aimed at children aged 4-9 years, the app will bring together all the best age-appropriate shows available on Sky in an easy-to-use and fun way. At the heart of the app’s design will be the creation of an intuitive and playful experience that empowers children to discover programmes themselves but also provides parents with peace of mind. It will include options to filter what their child views, limits usage including a ‘bedtime’ setting as well as creating a data record so parents can understand what their child has been watching.

Sky is committed to implementing the iRights principles and helping children and parents make informed and conscious choices about what they watch.


“Sky is very supportive of the iRights agenda and as we develop specific products for children like our new Kids app, we will bring the principles to life. These include helping parents set limits on what their children watch and informing them about what they are viewing. We are committed to creating an app that children enjoy as well as well giving parents peace of mind.”

Wendy Scott, Sky