Children's Commissioner for England

Anne Longfield OBE, will undertake a year long task force, 'Growing Up Digital', that will look to update children's rights for the digital age, inspired by the iRights initiative.

The Commissioner will work with young people to further interrogate a rights approach to online activity and make sure that any report will have their voices and experience at the heart of its recommendations.

The Children’s Commissioner for England has a particular remit to deliver the rights set out in the UNCRC and she will consider if it now requires a General Note that would describe in detail how the articles of the UNCRC should be interpreted in the digital world.

The Children’s Commissioner taskforce, ‘Growing Up Digital’, is due to report at the end of 2016.

The full text of the taskforce can be found within our Library.

Children's Commissioner for England

“If children of today and tomorrow are to grow up digitally, we need to be sure that the rights to protection and empowerment that they enjoy in their lives, are embedded in the new digital world they inhabit. As the legal guardian of children's rights and best interests in England, this is of uppermost concern to me as Children's Commissioner. I am grateful to iRights for the groundbreaking work they have undertaken in this fast developing area. I intend to build on this work to establish a new 'Growing Up Digital' taskforce, which will launch in the autumn. It is my intention to create a new digital settlement for children that promotes and protects their rights into their digital future. By the end of 2016, I aim to put forward a clear mandate for change which has been driven and infirmed by children and young people themselves”

Anne Longfield, Children's Commissioner for England